Project Triage and Emergency Support

Most projects don’t fail overnight. It is a series of miscalculations and miscommunication that causes a project to gradually go under.

How can you tell if your project is headed for a Code Blue? Common symptoms of ailing projects include:

  • Missed deadlines and milestones
  • Unrealistic stakeholder expectations
  • Unmanaged scope change
  • Project resources working unsustainable hours in an attempt to complete the work
  • As these symptoms intensify, the overall project completion date comes into jeopardy

When bad things happen to good projects, you only have one chance to rescue the project and retain stakeholder support. Etavonni’s proven approach to Project Triage© seeks to maximize expected project results while minimizing additional investments.

Project Triage© Rescue Approach

Our proven rescue approach is a 5-step process designed to restore P-R-I-D-E to the project and the project team.

Primary Objective Re-established

Roles Defined

Issues Identified

Daily Reporting

Execution Plan

Although projects of any size can fail, the consequences for large scale or complex projects attract the most attention. The impact to the organization and to individual team members can be substantial, damaging both the bottom line and reputations. We’ll work with you to identify and manage  the repercussions that play out when projects are mismanaged. The proven methodology behind Project Triage© will enable your team to resuscitate the project. Where appropriate, we can also assist you with cancellation of the project and documentation of lessons learned. Need Help? Call us today!

Challenge Your Perspective

As you already know, working through a struggling project is stressful. However, if handled correctly this process can be an opportunity to bring different ways of working into the organization. In normal circumstances it is tough to get buy-in for organizational changes but in the midst of a failing project all participants are usually more receptive to new approaches.