Developing Project Management Teams

Like fingerprints, no two organizations are alike. Etavonni goes beyond simply providing the theory behind industry standard project management principles. We work with your team to tailor these standard approaches to meet your organizational needs. Our goal is to ensure that you have the information necessary for success, without drowning the organization in excessive paperwork and meaningless reports.

Even a customized approach to project management is just another theory until put into practice. That is why our approach is to work with you on a real life project. Our ethos is to understand, develop and review in order to create your specific project management methodology.

Our collaboration will culminate in a customized Project Management Success Kit that contains practical tools, processes and supporting documents tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Everything you need to successfully manage and control your projects from start to finish. Call us today to get started.

With your own methodology in place, it will be easier to augment your core team with outside assistance while still maintaining consistency. We are ready to support you in this area as well, providing your team with experienced and certified project management resources during peak periods of work or to assist with projects outside the core focus of your business.