Limited Resources • Changing Demands • High Expectations

No Room For Error

In today’s environment, the stakes are high. You understand that sustainable growth and profits requires carefully selected and well-managed projects combined with effective processes. Your challenge? Like many organizations, project and process management is not a primary focus nor a core strength of your company. Etavonni can help!

We’re experienced, we have the knowledge, and best of all, we’re great to work with.

We enable organizations just like yours to improve their success rate by ensuring projects and processes run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Here’s how we can help you

  • Project Triage and Emergency Support: Life support for projects in trouble. Through our proven approach to Project Triage©, we will help your team maximize expected project results while minimizing additional investments.
  • Developing Project Management Teams: Like most things in life, one size rarely fits all. We go beyond the industry standard approach to project management and work with your team to create a customized Project Management Success Kit that contains everything you need to successfully manage and control projects from start to finish.
  • Project and Process Improvement: Non-value adding tasks creep into even the best processes if left unmanaged and unreviewed. Together, we will dissect existing processes to uncover opportunities to reduce or eliminate these efficiency gaps. With the distractions of poor process removed, your team can focus on the most important work.
  • Project Management Support:  With more than a decade of professional experience in managing business critical projects ranging from software development to master data management and e-learning to consumer product launches,  involving our highly skilled resources enables you to minimize overall project costs through schedule and scope management.

We work with your team to achieve project success and to subsequently put process in place that will transform the way you organization approaches and completes future projects.

Our ethos is to widen the gap between success and failure one project at a time.