3 Ways Start-ups Can Embrace Project Management

Keeping your projects organized and being able to communicate with your co-founders/team members is the key to success in a rapidly growing startup. But often founders and early employees feel the demands of ‘getting things done’ are more pressing than documenting and managing what needs to get done. When that happens, things are run based ... Read More

Tips for aspiring kitchen counter inventors

This posting is a quick introduction to topics we’ll examine in more detail as we go along. Each bullet point below is a study in itself. Many suggestions are best accomplished with the help of a lawyer that specializes in Patents and/or Trademarks. Protect your ideas Inventor’s Notebook: Protecting your idea should start way before a ... Read More

The Princess and the Peaz

Etavonni Products Introduces the VirtualPeaz™ of FrozenPeaz® For immediate release. Click here to view the original press release: The Princess and the Peaz For decades, there were 3 basics alternatives for hot or cold therapy relief, an ice pack, a standard gel pack, or frozen peas. Like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, people weren’t satisfied ... Read More

Traditional Gel Packs are History

Etavonni Products Introduces FrozenPeaz® After a painful fall down a long metal staircase, MaryCarol Dolivier needed a cold pack to relieve the pain and to help keep the swelling down. She went to the freezer and was confronted with the usual suspects: a gel pack, ice, or a bag of frozen vegetables. She followed the ... Read More

Patients Putting the Lid on Pills and Relieving Pain Naturally

Etavonni™ Products announces the product launch of FrozenPeaz® Flexible Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps. A natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers, revolutionary FrozenPeaz hot and cold therapy wraps are challenging the status quo of traditional therapy options. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 03, 2013 In recent years, there has been a significant focus on non-pharmaceutical pain ... Read More


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The Etavonni Approach

Our consultants are required to be certified by the Project Management Institute (PMP certified). we are equipped to take on many different roles and provide a broad range of services including: project facilitation, project management training, and project/process refinement. Our consultants have experience leading large multinational and multi-cultural teams on challenging cross-functional projects. We regularly ... Read More