Traditional Gel Packs are History

Etavonni Products Introduces FrozenPeaz®

After a painful fall down a long metal staircase, MaryCarol Dolivier needed a cold pack to relieve the pain and to help keep the swelling down. She went to the freezer and was confronted with the usual suspects: a gel pack, ice, or a bag of frozen vegetables. She followed the advice of many medical professionals and chose frozen peas because of their unique ability to conform to her injuries. After throwing away yet another mushy bag of peas, the light-bulb came on. “I thought to myself, there has to be a way to combine the conformability of peas with added benefits of existing hot and cold therapy packs,” said Dolivier.

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What differentiates entrepreneurs like MaryCarol from many inventors is that she took action on that thought and created something different. Drawing on her belief that wonderful things happen when you challenge your perspective, MaryCarol left her well paying job as Vice President of Professional Services and started mapping a new course in the unfamiliar waters of developing and bringing to market a patent-pending consumer product.

Two years later, the hot and cold therapy market has been put on notice. As most people know, there are two uses for a bag of frozen peas – a healthy vegetable for the dinner table or a cold compress for an injury. Not your garden variety pea, FrozenPeaz® utilizes VirtualPeaz™ to capture the flexibility of Mother Nature’s cold pack without sacrificing the reusability of a gel pack. In keeping with the non-toxic nature of garden peas, FrozenPeaz are also made from a 100% natural, plant-based solution. After evaluating FrozenPeaz on athletes and patients, Dr. Terry Nicola, Director of Sports Medicine Rehabilitation at the University of Illinois at Chicago said, “My patients find FrozenPeaz® to deliver the cold where it counts without sacrificing comfort. They experience a significant reduction in pain.”

FrozenPeaz® delivers pill-free pain relief in a re-invented hot/cold pack that challenges traditional cold packs as well as hot packs. If you have sore muscles… Relieve Pain, Reduce Swelling, and Recover Faster.™ with FrozenPeaz.

FrozenPeaz Hot/Cold Packs


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ABOUT FrozenPeaz Hot & Cold Therapy

FrozenPeaz® patent pending products deliver flexible hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and assist in recovery from minor injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. PeazPod™ therapy wraps maintain the healing temperature while maximizing comfort. The straps provide customizable compression while holding the wrap in place, enabling moderate physical activity and movement. PeazPod wraps are available in 6 different shapes to conform to various parts of the body. Just like frozen vegetables, PeazPak™ therapy packs are non-toxic. The plant-based Clear Ice™ Solution is a 100% natural alternative to petroleum and glycerin based gels. Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Recover faster. FrozenPeaz®.