The Princess and the Peaz

Etavonni Products Introduces the VirtualPeaz™ of FrozenPeaz®

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For decades, there were 3 basics alternatives for hot or cold therapy relief, an ice pack, a standard gel pack, or frozen peas.

Like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, people weren’t satisfied with these options. But no one challenged the status quo. And people made do.

FrozenPeaz_TheFall_TheProduct_FilmStripUntil one day when a young maiden, ok maybe not young. Until one day when a maiden… Ok, ok, until one day when a 30-something year old woman fell down the stairs and needed a cold pack.

She tried the blue gel.

“This pack is too hard!” she exclaimed.

She tried an ice pack.

“This pack is too wet and pointy,” she said.

She tried a bag of frozen vegetables.

“This pack feels nice. But it is too messy,” she lamented.

“There has to be a better way!” she proclaimed.

The 30-something year old woman spent the next two years working with some of the smartest people in the land. Physical Therapists. Doctors. Engineers that specialize in making and keeping things cold. And people like you – that are in pain and want something better!

She tried lots of things. But nothing worked. Then one day, she found a way to create VirtualPeaz™! The VirtualPeaz were round and smooth and felt nice. But sadly, on their own, they didn’t stay cold enough for long enough.

That did not stop her. She kept experimenting.

She found a crystal clear liquid that did not freeze even at 0°F and is 100% natural. So natural, it is certified by the Natural Products Association. She called the special liquid the Clear Ice™ Solution. But sadly, though it stayed more liquidy than standard gel packs, it still didn’t feel as good as a bag of frozen peas.

One day, she decided to combine the VirtualPeaz™ and the Clear Ice™ Solution. Suddenly, magic happened! A revolutionary cold pack that not only mimicked the flexibility of a bag of peas but also provided long-lasting, reusable cold therapy.

Much to their delight, the technology in FrozenPeaz® products could also be used as a hot pack! She placed the FrozenPeaz therapy pack in the microwave and less than 60-seconds later, she had a hot pack to ease sore muscles and other joint pains.

“Let’s call the therapy packs FrozenPeaz®,” she cheered! That night, she went to bed happy. Knowing she had developed a hot and cold pack that would revolutionize the hot and cold therapy market.

And there you have it. The story of FrozenPeaz® products.

FrozenPeaz® therapy packs don’t look or behave like a typical gel pack because FrozenPeaz therapy packs are anything but typical. FrozenPeaz products shatter previous expectations for hot and cold therapy packs.

So why are you still using that blue gel? Until now, FrozenPeaz® products were only available through select physical therapists. Now FrozenPeaz products are available online and everyone from athletes to weekend warriors and arthritis suffers to active seniors are using FrozenPeaz products to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and recover faster™.


To purchase FrozenPeaz Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps or for more information, visit or Amazon.

ABOUT FrozenPeaz Hot & Cold Therapy
FrozenPeaz® patent pending products deliver flexible hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and assist in recovery from minor injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. PeazPod™ therapy wraps maintain the healing temperature while maximizing comfort. The straps provide customizable compression while holding the wrap in place, enabling moderate physical activity and movement. PeazPod wraps are available in 6 different shapes to conform to various parts of the body. Just like frozen vegetables, PeazPak™ therapy packs are non-toxic. The plant-based Clear Ice™ Solution is a 100% natural alternative to petroleum and glycerin based gels. Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Recover faster. FrozenPeaz®.