Product Development

Nurture Your Best Ideas

Inventors often underestimate the complexity of bringing a product to market. Developing a prototype is just one of many steps required to turn your idea into a sale-able product. From protecting your intellectual property to developing the processes that will sustain your product in the marketplace long after the phase of “develop product” is over, we have a proven approach to help you turn your idea from dream to reality. Learn More

Project Management

Project Managers For Hire

Sometimes, you just need a little extra help. Not only do we have the experience to help you draft a plan for your high-priority project, we have the determination to roll-up our sleeves to help drive the project to a successful completion. Learn More

PM Team Development

Develop your Project Management Team

Like a fingerprint, no two organizations are alike. Etavonni goes beyond simply providing the theory behind industry standard project management principles. We work with your team to tailor these standard approaches to meet your organizational needs, ensuring that you have the information necessary for success. Learn More

Process Audit

High performance processes

Over time, non-value added tasks creep into even the best processes. Before you know it there are endless approval cycles, rework loops and redundant quality checks. Together, we'll dissect existing processes to uncover opportunities to reduce or eliminate these efficiency gaps. With the distractions of poor process removed, your team can focus on tasks that get the job done. Learn More

Project Triage

Project Triage and Emergency Support

Bad things happen to good projects. When that happens, you only have one chance to rescue the project and retain stakeholder support. Our proven approach to Project Triage© will help you to maximize expected results of the project while minimizing additional expenditures. Get help now

Our Services

The stakes are high, resources limited, and demands constant. Efficient and effective project management is a must. Whether creating an internal process, fixing a project gone off the rails or launching a product, we can help. We're experienced, we have the knowledge, and best of all, we're great to work with. Learn more.

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If you want to gain a competitive advantage through improved project planning and more effective processes, we can help. We'll work with you to tailor our flexible combination of project management and process audit services to meet your individual needs. Immediate solutions coupled with long-term improvements will transform your business. Contact us today to find out how.

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